Truth as a Service™

Wick combines data enrichment, artificial intelligence, and a friendly user-interface to draw an X on the locations of previously buried insights.


Easily connect to or import your survey data from any mode or source. Wick gives this data a new home and new opportuinity for insights.


Choose from hundreds of new data points on respondents and their geographies to be added to your survey dataset.


There are thousands of data intersections. Wick uses AI and advance analytics to scan them all to locate and explain the ones hiding market truth.

How it works

Wick will provide an end-to-end solution for the full lifecycle of EVERY Voice of Market survey protect type.

Just a few of the ways Wick helps:


Calculate cost and feasibility to survey the people in this market across all respondent sources and modes.

Create a rich report loaded with data on the market you want to survey.


Process and transform your survey data into a single format live as they come in.

Programmatically send your survey to  the right respondents using multiple data collection methods.


The industry's easiest-to-use topline and crosstab reporting with mobile friendly views and easy sharing.

In-field weighting, and real-time toplines and crosstabs.


Normalize all of your projects into one, easily filterable database.

Choose from hundreds of variables available in our custom first party database to append to responses.

Gain Clarity, Gain Peace of Mind...

The sample size will be met, the quotas will be nailed, and the breakthrough moments will be easier than every before.

With Wick you will...
See Again

Remember those low incidence, very local project that never go off the ground because of feasibility and cost issues? Wick's multi-respondent source, multi-mode research makes these projects both possible and profitable again.

See Faster

Wick is automating data collection, processing and reporting in ways no one has ever attempted. The result is real time insights across multiple modes of research.

See More

Q: What happens when your respondent dataset is instantly enriched with dozens or even hundreds of new variables? A: Never-before-possible insights and stories.

See the Truth

More respondent sources, more modes of data collection, and more enriched datasets is the recipe for more accuracy. And that recipe is why we started Wick in the first place.

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