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Truth as a Service

Wick is a “truth as a service” company for political and public issue agencies that need to illuminate what the people really think and believe. Our clients rely on Wick’s cloud-based survey research platform to get to the truth on public opinion, to make messages that work, and to measure their impact.

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Ask Questions. Get Answers.
Create Insights.

Wick is the world's very first multi-mode survey platform—meaning you can use online panels, live agent callers, text messaging, and IVR to collect survey responses and analyze the results to create game-changing insights.

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Wick is perfect for all of your project types.

Wick is nimble. There are many market research project types that you can execute with its features.



Academic-grade opinion
polling made easy.
Polling elections and issues is hard and expensive... Or at least that's what we have been told for decades. But asking the right people the right questions doesn't require a PhD—and with Wick it's both easy and affordable to poll the right respondents for even the most targeted studies.

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Concept Testing

Instincts are good. Proof is better.
Before you place that ad spot and before you invest in the next big idea, get feedback from your target audience to test the concept and to get proof before bringing it to the market.

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Other Marketing Research Projects

Bridge the divide between
I think and I know.
Kill the guesswork. Learn just about anything you related to your market's thoughts, feelings, and desires. No matter how local or specific the your audience is, Wick will find the right respondents.

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What customers
say about us.

I used Wick once and was hooked. My polling and message testing surveys are now faster, much more affordable, and best of all: I have full control over the data and analysis... which means my clients get analysis that translates to immediate action. icon

Sue Zoldak

The Zoldak Agency | Founder and Owner

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